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The shopper is in your store and you have one opportunity to convert that shopper to a buyer.  With so many decisions being made at the point of purchase, in-store conditions have become a critical element in the marketing and sales process.  Even more daunting is the fact that it’s difficult to gain market share  without having a good support system. 

At Powers Candy Co. Inc., we provide you with a full service, Merchandising, Marketing and Sales Team who are experts in their field; armed with state of the art information and technology to assist you in increasing your profit and market share!  Some of our Customized programs include:

  • Item Profitability Reports
  • Product Movement Reports
  • Category Management
  • Customer Traffic Patterns
  • Competitive Analysis

“Customer loyalty is the result of a consistently positive emotional experience, physical attribute-based satisfaction and perceived value of an experience, which includes the product or services. Consider who you yourself are loyal to.”

Quote from Beyond Philosophy

The Importance of Marketing:

 Effective marketing occurs when you fully understands the requirements of your Customers and are able to meet those needs successfully.

Why is marketing always changing?

  • Customers need change.

It’s evolution.  If you aren’t keeping up with what your Customers want or need, they will find it elsewhere. 

  • Competitors enter the market.

What makes your business unique?  Why do Customers spend money with you?  What is your Competition doing?  Are you losing Customers to your Competition?

  • Is your Business buyer friendly?

Can Customers quickly and easily find items they are looking for?  Or are they walking a maze?  Do your counters have so much  impulse items on it, that Customers can’t set their purse down and/or have to reach over all the displays to hand the clerk their money?

  • What separates you from your Competition?

What marketing strategies and/or promotions are you doing to keep your Customers coming back?  What about POS material?  Signage? Promotional sections? Customer deals? 

Competition is everywhere and if you aren’t staying ahead of the game with strategic marketing strategies it can be devastating!

The Good News is:

We are here to help!  Our marketing team has the experience, technology and knowledge to create specialty programs to assist you in keeping your Customers loyal, attracting new Customers and create the solutions you need to keep you ahead of your Competition. 

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